Jakarta – Available in Many Sizes from 2′ 6″ to 5′ 0″ From


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Product Details

Jakarta features our MB212 spring system and generous upholstery layers deep quilted to a woven damask. Like all Moonraker products it is available with a host of divan options. Jakarta can be supplied with or without drawers and, like all Moonraker divans, the bases are hevaily reinforced. Also available with sliding door storage (down the side length on single sizes and across the width on the foot end for double sizes).

Jakarta is also our starting price guest bed divan set. Available in 75cm (2’6) or 90cm (3’0) widths the divan houses a second bed measuring 75x175cm (2’6×5’9) or 90x175cm (3’0x5’9). The specially designed underbed slides out and can be raised on metal action legs to the same height as the main bed.

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